Does my web Hosting Affect my Search Engine Rankings?

There are a number of different things that go into finding the perfect host. Between the many factors to take into account, few people ask themselves the question, “Does my web hosting affect my search engine rankings?” To answer this question, it is pertinent to say that the actual hosting company will not affect your search engine rankings, as long as they haven’t been blacklisted. But it can, however, indirectly have a negative effect on your SEO. If you see that a hosting company is promising you search engine rankings, steer clear. This is just not within their capabilities.

So how does your web hosting selection affect your SEO? It really doesn’t come down to the web hosting company as much as the hosting plan you choose. Any host that provides shared servers for customers has the ability to negatively affect your SEO. This cheap and normally capable type of hosting is a regular choice for up and coming webmasters. The main problems arise when certain users of the same server start to do things that are frowned upon by the big search engines.

Individuals that spam email, recklessly accumulate links, promote certain material such as adult related, and a variety of other actions can black list an entire server or IP. Cheaper plans seem to attract these types of activities, so be weary of overly cheap plans. Check and make sure that your web host does not accept any adult type websites, or any of the actions stated above. Then research if the web host has had past problems with these issues. The better the web host’s security, the greater the chance tSEO Positionhat your web host will not negatively affect your ranking.

A problem that can arise from choosing the wrong host is that the company’s server IP address can possibly become on the spam list and become part of a black hat technique. With such behavior, Google will penalize you, so why bother taking the risk when you can do things right the first time? To achieve greater security, it is pertinent to upgrade to a better hosting plan. Virtual private servers are the first step up, and really lower the amount of users sharing the responsibility of playing it straight. This instantly minimizes the chances of being affected by the other users, simply because they have more invested and are less in number.

The most secure choice when SEO is taken into account would be a dedicated server to host with. When you rent your own server, accountability rests in your own hands. Expensive, yes, but definitely the best end choice. If you are still not in need of dedicated hosting, there are a number of things you can do to help increase your SEO.

Add additional IP addresses to your current account to start. By mixing in new IP addresses after every three or so new websites, you minimize the likelihood of having your linking practices adapted to. Many webmasters interlink their websites to maximize SEO. While these related niche back links seems like a good idea, if they are all from the same IP address, it just will not have the same effect. Through dedicated research, and long term strategy adherence to this strategy, you can get the most out of your web hosting choice.

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